God’s Children Are Little Broken Things by Arinze Ifeakandu

God’s Children Are Little Broken Things is a collection of short stories about queer men in Nigeria, telling stories of love and family, heartbreak and loss, and finding and leaving home. Many of the characters are young, navigating their place in contemporary life in Nigeria and dealing with messy love lives and complicated situations.

The stories are tender, exposing powerful emotions and everyday sadness across a variety of characters and situations, from navigating fame when gay to finding your relationship with your dead father’s longterm partner. I enjoyed how vivid the characters and settings were, as often with short stories I don’t feel like I know enough of what is going on and who is who, but throughout this collection I found myself deeply invested in the stories and like I was getting complete stories. The ordering worked well too, particularly the final story which I felt was a good ending to the collection and left it with a sense of hope.

Often heartbreaking but also sweet and intimate, this is a collection of stories to spend time with, enjoying moments of love stories and sadness, and complicated gay life.