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Siobhan Dunlop aka @fiendfull (they/them)

I’m a UK-based poet and book blogger with a liking for rewriting old stories, playing around with lines between poetry and coding, and thinking about when Neopets was the height of internet culture. In my day job I teach people digital skills and drink a lot of tea (I’m only paid for the former, though).

On here, you’ll find reviews of new and upcoming books as well as posts about books and recommendations. You’ll tend to find me reading a lot of general and literary fiction and poetry, as well as some historical stuff and thrillers / mystery as fit my interests. I also read some young adult fiction, mostly LGBTQ+ YA. Most of the books I read to review I get from Netgalley or Twitter.

You can find out more about my poetry on my Writing page.

To get in touch about reviewing or writing, you can contact me on Twitter (@fiendfull) or at siodunlop93 [at] gmail [dot] com.