My Poetry

Here I’ve collected up the links to my published poetry. Get in touch on Twitter if you have any questions.

Published poetry


‘a future is a non-essential item’ in Queer Writing for a Brave New World

‘after Sapphobot’ in Impossible Archetype issue 10 (read PDF for free)


‘Soul Selling’s a Slippery Slope’ and ‘It’s Algorithms, Not Magic’ in Riot Act issue 2 (read online for free)

‘Elif: a shorthand’ and ‘In the Hairdresser’s Chair’ in Untitled: Voices issue 2 volume 2 (read online for free)

‘Gawain’, ‘Hell Is A Place On Earth’, ‘you don’t have to like king lear to relate’, ‘Choose Digital’ and ‘Of Epic Proportions’ in ‘Afters’ Dreich themed chapbook

‘She’ll Remind You of Bees’ in mineral lit issue 4.2 (read online for free)

‘Park Keeper’ on Here Comes Everyone website (for The Green Issue, read online for free)

‘Earth Literature’ in Selcouth Magazine issue 1 (webzine)

‘The Last Night of the Fair’ in perhappened mag issue 1: CARNIVAL (read online for free)

‘Dys-illusion’ in Terse Journal (read online for free)

‘They Call Us Witches’, ‘Fire Up The Old Mystery Machine’ and ‘Name’ in Door is a Jar Issue 14 Spring 2020 (digital or print)

‘Fox’ in Vamp Cat Magazine Feb/March 2020: Dream a Little Dream of Me (read online for free)


‘Drown Our Sparrows’ in 404 Ink Issue 6: Earth

‘Room For Two’ in Pixel Heart Literary Magazine issue 4: Joy (read online for free)

‘Battery Low’ in Re-Analogue magazine

‘( personal )’, ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, ‘N.B.’, ‘Astral Projection’, and ‘Salmacis’ in One Nine Six Nine from 3 Moon (digital or print)

‘Internet Travel’ and ‘Still Beating’ in Crêpe & Penn issue 3 (free PDF or buy a print edition)

‘Annabella and Eve’ in meanwhile magazine issue 1 (read online for free)

‘A Review of Poetry’ in The Speculative Book 2019

‘Other Being / Being Other’ and ‘Two men, lying in the morning sun’ in Pixel Heart Literary Magazine issue 2: Pride (read online for free)


‘Frankenstein was a monster’ in 404 Ink Issue 3: Power

‘Ferocious Language’ in 404 Ink Issue 2: F Word

I also regularly write pieces for Visual Verse, an online anthology of art and words, and you can find my archive there under Siobhan Dunlop.


‘Imitate The Sun’ in No Holds Bard (Manifold Press)