The Science of Storytelling by Will Storr

The Science of Storytelling is a fascinating look at stories, our relationship with them, and how this can be used to tell better stories. Aimed at both storytellers and those interested in how humans tell stories, Storr combines examples from literature and screen stories with psychological research and experiments to make points about the importance of character, change, and other aspects of gripping stories. Myths and archetypes come up, but so do Mr Men and famous lines from Hollywood films. It doesn’t necessarily change the world in what it says, but it tries to compare how people have created famous stories with how humans use stories to justify their actions and to make sense of their own self.

Accessible and interesting, this book can help bring inspiration to those who are trying to tell stories in some format or another, or allow people to think more about how people tell stories about themselves and their lives to make sense of the world.