How The Light Gets In by Clare Fisher

How The Light Gets In is a collection of very short stories and prose pieces that explore modern life and details both light and dark. They examine the impact of smartphones on daily life, create playful extended metaphors, and tell the stories of distinctive characters in very short spaces. Many of the pieces have a very distinct sense of place: London, Leeds, and elsewhere, being in transit and being at home.

The writing style may be familiar to anyone who read Fisher’s debut novel, All The Good Things, and this collection has other similarities to that novel as well, particularly a sense of accurate detail about everyday life in Britain and characters dealing with tough situations. The modernity of these fleeting looks into characters and moments is enjoyable and the collection shows how very short writing can be perfect in the modern world. It is a book that can be read in the kind of scenarios the characters are shown to be—on transport, during a lunchbreak, whilst unable to concentrate, etc—because it is made up of powerful stories in a quick format.