You may have noticed I have a new URL and a shiny new look. You will also find most of my old posts over here (I think a few had some import issues) and whole new page for my published writing in case anyone is interested in that.

I’m not closing down the old blog (so all the Twitter links still work, mostly) and links will still take you back to the old posts for now (at some point I may try and update any links on blog posts here). It was time, however, for a nicer URL and some more features.

I’ll be writing up my top books of 2018 soon (because don’t we all love an end of year list…) and you’ll find all the usual reviews and things over here too. As ever, Twitter (@fiendfull) is the best way to keep updated with new reviews and content, and you can also hear about what tea I’m drinking and trains I’m on.